We at Spokane House Plans just love the Inland Northwest. We work, play and raise our children here. We enjoy local nature, our four seasons, our culture and our NW architecture – urban or suburbs, lodge, craftsman, or with touch of industrial, modern or traditional, acreage living or lakefront, green and sustainable natural materials – wood, timbers, stone.

We love helping people and would love to help you to design your home, whether it’s a family house, lake cabin, empty nester, or anything else. Our prices are reasonable, turn-around time is fast, and dedication is coming from the heart.

Our Team / Meet

Mason Guerdette – Lead Drafter

Ever since I was young I’ve had a fascination with design and computers. Like many kids I enjoyed Legos, magnets, build kits and creative games. My life has been filled with experience in my field including graphic design for local companies, fascination with engineering, architectural classes, and computer science. Out of high school I focused on hands on training which included building sheds and working on my parents dream home. What I’ve done all this time for fun, I now get to do for a living, which is a dream come true.

Stella Dragomir – Drafter

Growing up around construction, I found myself moved by the world of residential architecture. The process of building homes felt like watching dreams take shape before my eyes. Inspired by this, I pursued a college education in architecture, eager to learn the skills needed to turn my passion into a career. I was driven by a deeper connection to the idea of creating space where people could truly feel at home.

Sam Seremet – Drafter/Designer

I’ve always enjoyed drawing ever since I was young. In fact I went to college for an art degree. Through school however, I found drawing houses and architecture and found a passion in it. I am proud to be an architectural drafter, but the part of my job I really enjoy is helping my clients solve their problems and turning their dreams into something tangible and achievable!

Travis Snediker – Owner

For many years I was a General Contractor, constructing everything from pole barns to additions. I’ve done lots of projects but I never enjoyed any of it as much as when I was drafting. Being able to create an end result from the start of a plan is the most exciting thing to me. I have 4 little ones and an amazing wife and when the opportunity arose for me to become part of this amazing company, I knew I had to jump on it. Owning Spokane House Plans has brought so much excitement into my life and I’m so grateful to serve the community alongside this amazing team.

Travis LeBaron – Lead Designer

From a young age, I grew a fascination for designing homes; from Legos to virtual video games. After completing my first architecture design course in high school, I began to explore this new found passion. This led me to pursue an architecture degree from Washington State University. Through my travels, I have enjoyed exploring and studying the way architecture responds in different environments and how design creates feelings and emotions in the human mind.

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