With which codes do your plans comply?

The plans, and associated documents have been prepared to comply with the latest adopted version of the International Residential Code (I.R.C.)

Each state in the US adopts a building code as their base code. Over the years, there have been several national code standards for states to choose from, but now the International Residential Code has become very widely accepted as the standard base code. For this reason, we choose to follow the I.R.C. in developing our plans. Unfortunately, each state can modify the base code with their own state adopted amendments, and may chose not to adopt certain sections of the base code. Energy requirements are a common section that is heavily modified or replaced by a different model code, by each state.

To further complicate the issue, the base code is revised every three years or so, and states vary in their timing of when they adopt each new code version – a year or more delay in adopting the latest code is very common. Beyond that – every local permit issuing jurisdiction within each state (counties, cities, etc.) can further amend the state requirements. Aware of this reality – our staff knows to never promise that our plans will be able to meet every requirement of every jurisdiction in the country. We do make every effort to comply with the national base code, and beyond that, we provide follow-up support to help our customers to meet the amended codes of their jurisdiction where possible.